Our Story


Mimsy Rose is the company I always wanted. The journey that brought me here began years ago after the birth of my first child. It was then that I realized I would have to leave my baby for over five hours a day for someone else to take care of. And experience so much. All for barely enough money to afford the childcare and gas.

So I decided to become a stay at home mom and five years later we decided to home-school our growing family. But we were struggling financially after our landlord terminated our lease in order to raise the rent  and affordable rental homes were hard to find in our fast growing town. So we moved in behind my grandmother and father so we would have an affordable home and they would have some help around the place. But it wasnt a long-term solution.

I tried all kinds of things. I made and sold bows and headbands, I created paintings to sell, I painted wineglasses to sell,  I started a photography business, I joined one of those pyramid schemes that "aren't pyramid schemes" and tried selling jewelry, there was always a new problem that made each business fail. Until I discovered Shopify and created Mimsy Rose Boutique. Now we as a family are starting to see a difference. 

It's a blessing finally seeing results and it's so amazing after all the years and failures! We are still low income, we still live in a "cozy" little trailer, but its with three amazing girls that I want to do so much more for. They are the reason I'll never stop trying no matter how many times I fail. 

 I know how it feels to find a frilly little boutique item at the second hand store and want to squeal in delight. I want you ladies and gents to get that feeling when you see my products and my prices! Ive spent years finding the best sources and I want to share that with all you other mamas. So rather than making money by jacking up the cost, I'm relying on you to share our shop with your friends. Help us spread the word that if you persist you will succeed! 

Thank you for your business, and for supporting our dreams.

Amanda Bray and Family